Thursday, June 24, 2010


gues wat?
I feel so sorry.
I did a stupid thing today.
today,7.30pm,my brother is in his room for so long
n i was trying to ask him out for dinner
but he didnt reply me
so i decided n open the door without asking his permission
i saw him jz with his orange underwear ONLY- -
[He was preparing for bath that time]
i swear,jz underwear
and he was so angry so angry that time
bcz i never ask his permission at all before enter his room
bt at the end i laugh like hell
my youngest bro tried to make the situation worse by saying words such as [ohh u saw his birdbird]

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

another day

'I am busy yet i am free'
'i love holiday buy yet i hate holiday'


so yea,yesterday went out with keecynn and michele,SUNWAY PYRAMID
it has been a while since i hv seen michele's [hangus] hairstyle
she jz still the ordinary michele,never grow up1
and what the hell she said keecynn looks more pretty now![almost die from choking]
hahahahahah,i think she learns how to make joke ady..or lie?hahahahahah
well,we watched the karate kid,damn nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
strongly recommend this movie!!!!!!!!
i like that kid =D
another thing that made my day XD
da da ¬ I bought 2 books from popular
ahhhh,damn happy
The last Lecture,by Randy Pausch!
read more books!and open up ur mind!this is what i want to tell michele n keecynn
the only book they can read __ academic book,so sad
thats y they look more dumb than i do!

Well,I am trying to figure out what should i do throughout this summer holidays
work?placement?i should
travel?i wanted to,but I need money too =( I am planning to go to china,backpack!
I cant be so selfish right?perhaps i should stay at home and help my mom settle all the things
fetch my sis n bro,housework,n blablabla
I plan to work for 2 months,and go for travel
but when it comes to money matter,i think i can use those money more wisely
for my next academic semester =D
=save money for my year3,4 in UK=
so what should i do now?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Yea finally i created a new blog and i hv promised myself to be a good blogger this time XD
I did nothing today,on9 for whole day,slacking around,finished my davinci code[which i found quite boring]
And my poor mom,keep on nagging,i cant tahan!
what on earth i need to have a boyfren?!

NOT 91

i heard she talking to my aunt on the phone again,and complaining about me for being so boyish
and some stupid stuff like I do not care about my appearance[especially my long hair.she says i look like a ghost with the long hair]
the thing is when i keep my hair short,she COMPLAINED too
so in order to make her happy,i always tell her that I do have a boyfriend (almost everyday)
and she replied me 'oh dont tell is that vincent' or ' I give u 100mil if u bring him home'


and all my bro n sis will join in this conversation
my 2 bros always say that [i bet all guys will ran away when they know ur sleeping style and ur smelly mouth!]
my sister [she will find a ghost bf if she keeps her hairstyle like tat]

well well well

n my dad,who is always the most supportive one
[aiya u will find a 'soft' guy1,dnt worry,which will take care of u,do all the houseworks for u]



I think when the time is right,i will meet my Mr Right
so dont worry too much
and perhaps they r right
i should change a bit......